EFFEPARTNERS is completely independent and thus not part of any professional network. Our desire to provide our clients with the best possible service has led us to develop a great ability to work in a team with other freelancers and consultancy firms and develop a robust and effective relationship with them, while respecting the independence of everyone.

Purely by way of example, over the last five years, we have completed professional tasks with:

  • LAWPARTNERS, a legal and tax firm with registered offices in Milan and Verona
  • Valora S.r.l., a management and financial consulting company, with registered office in Mantua
  • Progesa S.p.A., a management consulting company for businesses, with registered office in Mantua
  • DEXPERTI, non-profit association for economic and cultural exchanges with Germany


Tel. +39 045 6266900

Fax +39 045 6266955

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